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Default Re: SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestio

Ok, since people are starting to already threadjack this with "Release it!" crap and "ninja/pirate" stuff, I think I should try to pull this thread back on topic:

I know the game isn't out yet, and I've already said this once, but this is the 'official' place for this: Sexuality needs to be in the game as blatantly or more blatantly than in SiN1. I know you guys censored SiN1 by removing a bit of visual porn in one secret area, but part of the appeal of the original SiN was the fact that it treated the player -like- an adult. I'm tired of playing games that have been censored to make it suitable to 17 year old's eyes.

A perfect example of this would be (and I've said this again) the apparent dream sequence with Elexis in a pond. I don't -think- this is actually a dream, but the effect is certainly screaming something along the lines of "I'm mother nature" and "Revel in sensuality". The scene would have been perfect if she were nude, or at least topless, and she's not in the videos. There may be a way of making her such in the game... I'm not sure (though I suspect there is since her bikini does actually seem to be separate from her body), but that part should have been naked. Temptation, in all its forms, and quite blatant at that, was what that seems to call for, not a bit of censorship here or there.

Ok, maybe it's best to start out with an M rating and move on to AO later, though to be honest, I'm not sure the ESRB would give you an AO for a topless girl. God of War got an M for nudity. So has Oblivion. Try for it! (Though I personally think you should just simply push the envelope and go for that AO rating.)
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