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Default Re: I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Originally posted by Onden:
... It always seems that games (or movies) that start with a fresh story are better than those that try to continue it.
Iíd hazard to say that the reason thatís the case is because the majority of the time the people responsible for creating a sequel feel that the sequel is a free ride and donít put as much effort/love into it.

There have been games and movies that have had sequels surpass the original, or be just as good, because they put the same amount of effort into it. It wasnít just a cash cow.

Books are a prime example of this because generally speaking the writer isnít interested in the money, they donít know whether the book will be widely accepted when they start out -- theyíre generally doing it because writing is something they love to do, if it's a best seller that's just a bonus.

Games and movies would be no different if suits werenít in charge the majority of the time.

But you take independent studios who are completely in charge and you get some kickass sequels -- Baldurís Gate, Icewind Dale, Warcraft, Diablo, Command and Conquer, etc, etc.

/Edit - personally even though remakes can be good, I think in gaming they're best left to mod teams. If I'm going to buy a 60-80 dollar game I want something fresh, and I'd like to see the story continued or explained via a prequal.
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