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Default Re: I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Man I wish I would have been right about this. Some of this I've said elsewhere, so forgive me if you're reading it twice, but I wanted to collect my thoughts on this.

I really like the Sin universe and Sin's story, but Sin is not a great game even accounting for time. The beginning is great, as area few of the levels in the middle. Howevr, the latter third of the game drags like heck; at some point the game ceases to be fun. I hate to see a promissing IP used in a flawed executaion.

I think a big part of Sin Episode 1's lackluster sales was due to the fact that it was a sequel to an 8 year old game that was never really popular to begin with. It's hard to get people to buy into sequels when they never played the original.

By starting fresh with a re-imagining of Sin Ritual would have had so much room to play. As said above they could have detailed the rise of U4 and Elexis, they could flesh so much more of the story out and drastically change it if they wish. There's no need to retain any semblance to the original Sin, just as Doom 3 is only tenuosly related to the older Dooms.

As is, with Sin Episodes being a sequel, they're tied to a backstory that no one knows unless they play a (now) poor game. They're limiting their playerbase and they're constricted in what they do moving forward by the previously established story.

Dangit Ritual, why couldn't you give us the Sin that we and maybe even you always wanted instead of a middling sequel to an old, flawed game?
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