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Default Re: I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Jeez, are you incapable of not being snarky? I wasn't claming to analyze every last bit of Episode 1, what warranted that "hugely insightful" rag?

Moving on...I don't think Sin's problem is one of story telling and I should not have implied that it was. Sin's weaknesses are poor level design and unengaging gameplay (in the latter part of the game).

Similarly I don't think Episode 1's story is the game's primary weakness either. Mostly its problem is a lack of variety.

In most action oriented FPSs I firmly believe story is an excuse for the gameplay. I'd be willing to bet that when an FPS has a dam level, for example, the design team's conversation was not "there's a dam in our storyline, we need a dam level" but rather "we want a dam level, how can we work that into the story line".

By re-imagining Sin's story, I meant it gives Ritual a chance to work in better, more engaging levels, get rid of the stuff that didn't work, and add a bit more variety to the game.

Ritual has show that they can do good gameplay for the duration of a game, that said gameplay was in games with licensed IPs is, I believe, coincidence.

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