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Default Re: I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Better, more engaging levels, such as....? More variety in the game, such as....? You sound like you have some concrete ideas laying beneath your breath, I'd rather here about those than just some vague notion of improvement.

I'm not a game designer or a creative storyteller, but I can bet you the SiN team likely considering a revamp and bailed on it for reasons unknown, one of them quite possibly being a lack of overall scope to the story and how it would unfold during the gameplay. For all we know they have pulled a Robert Jordan with SiN Episodes and are making it up as they go along.

If you have an outline or some modular level chart feel free to share it here. Heck this forum aint getting any more active with us just shaking Ritual's head and hearing the loose change jingle inside

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