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Default Re: I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Originally Posted by BishopGantry View Post
You wish you where right about what?
This thread was started over a year ago when I guessed (incorrectly) that Sin 2 (as we knew it at the time) was going to be a remake of Sin. This was based on the fact that the info on LegionPharma predated Sin rather than taking place after it.

I dont really see that since you are willing to compromise the entire story, consistency and background of Sin, I dont see how you could like Sin's storytelling since you want it reimagined from scratch only keeping vague refferences to Sin, Blade, Elexis and U4, your better of with an entierly new game not based on Sinverse...
Except that never said I didn't like Sin's story telling. I said I didn't like the execution; I didn't like the level design and the tedious combat later in the game. A remake would provide Ritual the ability to flesh out and experiment with the story if they wanted to. They could also certainly keep it as is, but I'm sure there is some room for tweaking.

Also, when did I say anything about only "vague" references to Blade, et al? Forgive me, but it seems like you're fabricating statements just to be contrary.

And if they are not going to keep anything and reimagine Sin, they might aswell abandon Sin and make an entierly diffrent game not named Sin? Quite puzzling reasoning Id say. It would simply no longer be Sin.
Doom3, ID could have simply called Gloom, Broom, Room or whatever.
Reimagining doesn't mean scrapping everything, it means keeping the basic story about Elexis wanting to "evolve" man via the drug U4 and Blade fighing her, but anything else inbetween is just detail that can be changed without signifcantly altering the IP. Peter Jackson's King Kong is still King Kong despite it's differences from the previous films.

I mean you mention Doom 3, well when it comes right down to it Doom 3 is pretty darn different from Doom in the details isn't it? Yet it still qualifies quite well as a reimagining of Doom doesn't it?

To suggest that changing a couple details of plot would completely invalidate the IP is ridiculous.

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