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Default Having trouble with Sin Eps models.

Hello everyone, I'd just like to take the time to say I'm new here before I get to business. I'm glad to see there's a Sin Eps modding forum and I hope I can learn a thing or two while I'm here.

Well, I'm running into some problems importing a Sin Eps model (Jessica to be exact) into either Maya or XSI. XSI crashes as soon as I try to import the Jessica_reference.smd and Maya crashes after it's been imported. So, I'm wondering which tools any of you use for editing Sin Eps models, or perhaps someone has an idea of what's wrong here.

In case anyone is wondering what I plan to do with the model, no worries I won't desecrate Jessica for my own perversions. With a little work I'd like to make her look more like this concept version:
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