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Default Performance issues?

My system configuration is as follows:

Dual Xeon 2.2GHz
2048GB Rambus 400MHz RDRAM
XFX GeForce 7800GS eXtreme(500/1500MHz Overclock)

I seem to be having a bit of performance trouble, whenver i turn on stencil shadows, the framerate seems to drop. i have also noticed a small drop in framerate in some situations when i use anti-aliasing and "anisotropic filtering".
i run at 1280x1024(alltho i have no problem with 1600x1200, but i use the lower resolution because of my monitor) screen resolution and all other graphic quality settings set to full.
I am very technically knowlagable of computer systems, and one would think the game would run perfectly with everything on.

Is this an optimization issue of the game? or an incomatability issue?
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