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Default Excelsior shaders?

Ok - I am confused about a bit of scripting for the Excelsior model. Playing with the model in a test map, it doesn't seem to 'generate' its own lighting - either from its skin or its windows. In other words, it doesnt seem to have a shader established for it. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that there are no 'glow' textures for it - just three standard skin textures:


This is not a problem. In fact, I want to create a new shader for the ship. To do this, I must - amongst other things - create a new tik file. Naturally, I went to look at the old tik file and was surprised by something it contained. For its surface (texture) it listed the three files above as shaders:

scale 1.0
lod 1 1 1 1 1
path models/vehicle/excelsior
surface material1 shader excelsior_1.tga
surface material2 shader excelsior_2.tga
surface material3 shader excelsior_3.tga

This seems strange because I can find no evidence of such shaders - neither as a stand alone shader file in the shaders directory of pak0 nor in the vehicle.shader file in that same directory (vehicle.shader's only mention is for the damage shaders to excelsior - not to the excelsior - or dallas - itself).

This means one of two things:

1. the shader is somewhere else and I can't find it.
2. even though the tik file calls the textures 'shaders' they are in fact NOT shaders but simply standard textures (and it simply calls them shaders because that is the proscribed norm - one references shaders whether or not the texture is actually a shader or not).

Anyone know which is the right answer? I suspect the latter but need confirmation. And if it is the former, then I need help in pinpointing where the shader is located.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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