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Default Re: Excelsior shaders?


Thank you for the responses. Concerning the shader post - a couple things:

First, your reductions make sense. And it is good to know about the if/then statements and the default. Also good to know about the lightmap function.

Now at first I still had problems with your code. However, using the 'default' logic you presented, and referencing other tik files which ALWAYS used an existing .tga file name as the name of the shader, I changed the shader name to extest1.tga instead of extest1 (with or without the tga ext). This change made the texture visible in UR and in my test map the glow texture show up too.

Unfortunately I am back to the problem I am trying to avoid. Not only did the extest1_glow.tga 'glow', but so did the extest1.tga. This is exactly what I am trying to prevent (and what we successfully prevented with the brush textures).

What scripting must I use to prevent BOTH textures to glow on the model?


Concerning the tik file:

That was a typographical error when posting to the ritual board. In the actual tik file, it read:

surface material1 shader extest_front

and as I note in the earlier part of the post, by changing this to extest1.tga, I got the shader to show up. The problem now is simply making only the glow texture glow.

Any ideas?

(Again thanks ever so much for your assistance here. It has proved extremely valuable) [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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