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Default Re: Excelsior shaders?

Ok - I have tried every permutation I can imagine using the advice supplied in all of the above suggestions, but I still cannot produce the effect I am looking for - namely a model in which the first texture does not glow, but the second texture does. Nothing seems to do the trick.

I searched hard through the shader manual as well. Nothing seemed appropriate (that I could tell at least) beyond what has been suggested so far. I thought ONE thing from the shader manual held promise, but it didn't work. The manual made reference to an opposite command to rbgGen lightingDiffuse (which it described when defining what lightingDiffuse means). It said:

Design Note: -rbgGen lightingDiffuse is used when you want the RBG values to be computed for a dynamic model in the world using regular in-game lighting. For example, you would specify on shaders for items, characters, weapons, etc.

This seemed like just the ticket. Unfortunately, the game could not process that shader command. It said it the "-rbgGen" is an unknown parameter. So apparently the command was changed (since characters and weapon models DO seem to adjust to the map brightness and darkness). Does anyone know what this command is now - and if it will create the effect I am trying to achieve?

Can anyone PLEASE help me here?!?!

Perhaps it would be easier to solve this problem by FIRST focusing just on ONE texture instead of combining TWO textures. So - how does one create a shader or texture for a model which does NOT glow (ie does not have light applied evenly across every nook and cranny of the entire model) but instead reacts to the light around it instead?

Any ideas?
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