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Default Re: NOTE: Patch Work This Weekend

Good to hear. Maybe this will help in your debugging. The first time i played the game, I left both sliders at default settings. It got uber hard after the first mutant boss (where everyone else said it got harder as well). It continued til the end of the game. On my second completion, I decided to mess with the sliders based off my experienes with the first play. For the purpose of simplicity, let's say the default values were set at 2 out of 10. I pushed up the difficulty to 5 and lowered the time it takes to adjust to 1 (because I noticed it wasn't making the game any easier on default setting for me). On this game, I died maybe 10 or 15 times total, as opposed to 80+. This game NEVER got too difficult and in fact was a little too easy for me. Hope this helps.
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