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Default Serious SP and MP issues.

Okay, well basically the game is completely unplayable. I installed it just fine. Game loads, no errors. But when I try to start a new single player game, and it asks if you want to do training - whether I click yes, or no - nothing happens. The menu stays there. Now, the multiplayer issue is kind of similar. That is, none of the maps show up in the list. I installed patch 1.10, and then I could see the four new maps in the list - but not the old ones. Plus, when I tried to load the new CTF map (that came with 1.10), the game says "unable to compile." [While the other 3 *new* maps DO load.] Finally, I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with the install, somehow or another, because the demo works fine for both levels. I'm pretty certain the game is unable to load the map files, for some reason or another. But, I could be wrong. So I'll give a rundown of my specs anywho.

Dell Inspiron 15150, Pentium 4 CPU 3.06GHz, 1.25 GB RAM
Windows XP Pro [service pack 2]
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