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Default Same lockups as everyone else, but a difference

I seem to be getting similar lock ups to everyone else that ive seen posting, although i have one difference to them. I run dual monitors, and unlike anyone else my pc doesnt seem to lock up, it seems to lag out terribly.
The game will freeze, looping sound..which sometimes proceeds very slowly. but if i move my cursor over to the right it comes out of the game and i can click out of the game. sometimes if i can get the task bar to show i can end the game, but will not be able to play again untill i reboot.
if i cant manage to get the taskbar to start i have to reboot.

having similar lockups on my laptop from over heating, this doesnt seem to be the case, as the entire laptop would freeze, not just a game.

i just thought i would point this out as it does seem to be very odd.
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