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Post Well, what do people know about SiN Episodes and it's editing/mapping?

I've been experimenting with the SDK provided to see what works, what doesn't.

Currently here are a few things I know:

[s]Mobgrunts cannot use Func_tank as far as I have been able to test.[/s] - Is possible, Is shown ingame at the U4 Lab Entrance bit.
Mutants are not affected by water.
Suitcharger does not spawn ingame.
HL2 Healthkits are spawnable and do work.
npc_adbot is redundant.
npc_sniper still works.
func_conveyor is redundant and does not work.
item_ammo_rocket is redundant.
item_dna_scanner is redundant.
Player's health can be set up from 1 to 10000 but not to 100000, not sure of precise highest value.
Player can not use func_tank whilst carrying weapons, to use a func_tank the player must be weapon stripped first.

I am creating an SDK Testmap but I am looking for a layout/design plan with idea on what it should include (be it a single player map or otherwise)

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