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Default Re: Multiplayer co-op?

It's not that you guys have no say, but like you said last, the game is going to come out very soon so it's difficult to implement those changes without starting from scratch and delaying the game another 2 years.

Also guys, don't forget, we are hoping to release the tools and code to this game so you guys can mod it and make the game play modes you want to play.

If you want to make a coop version of Condition Zero like someone did for Half-Life, I'm hoping you'll be able to. I say hope because I only know that the level editor will be released publicly. I'm not sure about any code though. Ritual in general likes to release code but you never know what the power that be might have in mind. Although, we all know Valve favors the mod community, so it's possible you guys could see code released for Condition Zero. I'm not promising anything though.
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