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Default Changing HUD Z-Index and \'laser sights\'

I just tried out SiN and Emergence in 3D recently and they both work fine, other than a couple of common problems.

Firstly the hud is too close to the screen so it tends to diverge off the edges, is there any way to change its Z index to place it deeper into the screen.

Secondly the cross hair is shown at hud depth, is there any way to have a 'laser sight' that is rendered at the depth of the target?

Is there anyway to disable the blurring from the U4 barrels as with some video options I just get a white screen and in 3D it drops everything back to 2.5D.

The iron sights work really well in 3D which is nice to see, the only thing I would like is an iron sight style scope for the rifle as the current scope has the same problem as the hud/crosshair due to depth.

If anyone knows of ways round these problems I'd be interested to hear it.
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