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Default Re: QUICK FIX for players getting stuck at U4_labs

There seems to be a problem occuring after a while, after you finish the level. A.I. not moving. Thats because you have to put back default settings, just type in the autoexec.cfg

ai_norebuildgraph "1"
save the file.

And do it as well in the console, same thing.

Sometimes, the game acts like if the enemy would not notice you at all, like if you were using the notarget cheat. As for me, just restarting SiN cured the problem.

But it has to do with the change that occured in the autoexec if you followed my instruction. I should have said also to put the autoexec.cfg back to normal after getting past the submarine level.

Check Kalabana'S replies in this post, I think you may relate your problem to his, but he found out why.

Is that it?

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