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Default Re: QUICK FIX for players getting stuck at U4_labs

This does not work.

all I see is "A.I Disabled" text, and the guy is just standing at his desk, not moving over to talk with me (like the rest of the guards in that room with the sub, they act like im not there).

I have followed the instructions 100%.

You are telling me actually, that you set the ai_norebuildgraph to 0 before anything else. If they don't move, thats because the A.I have been disable.

What I think you did, no lets say it again.
That AI disabled thing, ppl comme accross that problem once and they succeed after the second time.

Just make sure that autoexec is there, make sure you loaded a previous game (the rail car getting smashed into the wall for example).

And you should not disable the A.I. until you get to the point BEFORE getting trapped. If the command line for the ai_norebuildgraph line have been erased from the autoexec.cfg, then you are okay to do the trick.

Don't ai_norebuildgraph to 0 BEFORE saving, do it after saving the game, when you save the game, you should be at the point BEFORE getting trapped.

Its after saving, you enter in the console, don't forget the quotes

ai_norebuildgraph "0"

Load the game you just saved before entering the command, and load that up.

And I know what you mean @they act like I'm not there@ I had the same issue than you. I cured it.

Lot of people did, and it should work since my link is in a sticky post in this forum.

Like I said, check back what kabalana'S reply was, yuo may relate your problem to his, but he found out why.

EDIT: MORNING HERE, about the autoexec, its not an obligation, but if you happen to have one, its the file that will cause you problem if you just ignore it and let the command in it.

The quotes are not an obligation as well. Though I prefer ppl going through the same steps as me before saying its not working.

I will do anoter post in this thread that will explain the AI thing and the common mistake ppl do, but now, let me take my coffee, haha, its as if my i.q. dropped from 135 to 72. So I'll come back with a post that explains why many get the AI disabled.

Bye for now.
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