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Smile Re: I can`t see the russian subtitles en the game!

Thanks a lot; I think the problem is resolved. To resume:

I set Steam to English. Game work well, with subtitles. Then I run Stem en Russian and sew this: Updating: 0%. Waiting few minutes, but download don’t start. So, I tried to check the cash files, and Steam show error message like this: "There is no sufficient free space on the disk to run this game". I have more than 1Gb free, but I decide to free more. After delete some files, I run again the cache check, and after this the update starts. And in the SteamApp folder I find new file - sin episodes emergence russian.gcf - 941Mb. Now the download is in process and I think everything will go well. Thanks again and sorry my English - it's horrible!!!!!!!
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