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Default Re: SiN II annoucnement in XX days?

List of the Board of Directors:

Sherilyn Palmer / Chairwoman
Founder of Palmer Pharma, Sherilyn spearheaded the acquisition by Legion Technologies group

Col. Charles B. PsyD
Adjunct advisor for bioterrorism efforts. Charles is a former marine special forces operative, and is currently serving in law enforcement

Andrew McPherson
Winner of the 2001 CyberAI award....

Dr. Eleanor Morton
Former organic chemistry professor at Thornhill University...


McPherson - HC Officer (Head Wound - DOA - 1.02.36)
Note- notify McPherson's wife-
"Wasn't wearing his damn helmet. Nothing I could do."

Fatal Fire Kills One at LegionTEK Corporation...research facility in Thornhill, 25 miles north of Freeport. In an act of true heroism, Sherilyn Palmer Blade, sector supervisor at LegionTEK, traded her life... "All I could see was black smoke until Sherilyn's hands reached in to grab me" says chemist Dr. Eleanor Morton , 39.
Most of these quotes are from the SiN manual.

More info:
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