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Default Re: Blade\'s \"Skateboard\" movement makes Sin unplay

Originally posted by rtpHarry:
i just tried it and i thought you had fixed it! I started at the bottom of sintek towers where i was when the game started bugging out, and loaded the game up and got to play most of the way through the carpark when i *ahem* got killed :P

after i started the level again it was back to normal stutters so i thought that maybe this mode2 status was being reset so i restarted the game and the jitters are back.

one thing i noticed was that my audio was crackly, and i have a ac97 onboard sound card so i check the audio menu and quality was on high. i hadn't changed any settings in this screen, i dont know if mode2 alters this but i put that down to medium audio quality and the sound stopped crackling.

seconds later i died for the first time as listed above, so thinking it was that i turned it back up to high quality audio but the input jitters continued.

one combo i havent tried is starting the game from already being on high quality audio mode with -mode2 enabled... i'll give it a quick whirl now.. you could have told me what mode2 actually was because im probably wasting my time right now :P


nope still sticks and same if i start a new game from the beginning

i wonder why it worked for a whole life's worth now sticks like crazy?!

woops being a bit vague in some places there.. just to clarify - paragraph 2 "restarted the game" means closed it, opened it, and loaded my savegame.

para 3 - "hadnt changed any settings" means it was whatever the game sets itself up to from install

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