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SiN rules!
It's currently the only game I play and CD i keep in my drive, and have been playing for a few months now..ever since I bought it 4 months ago.

The SP is very enjoyable, I like the level of difficulty in hard mode, as well as the AI, not to mention the dialogue which cracks me up.

The MP is by far the best ive ever had the chance to part-take in. Theres more than enough servers at the moment for me to play on, more would be nice but not neccessary. Heck out of the 70 or so servers on my list i only play about ten of them. What i enjoy most about DM over other games is the fact that the weapons have locational damage. Shotgun and rocketlaucnher duels are my personal favorite. CTF is a blast when both teams are ferrociously fighting for the flags. I really have 0 complaints about the game. Nutin but luv baby!

Oh yeah the community rules as well, yeah all you guys, When i would play quake2 or some other online game..i dont think ive ever played the same guy twice. It's cool to fight the same people every now and then.
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