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Sin definitely kicks ass! I can't figure out why Sin isn't as popular as Quake II. I like Quake II but Sin is just in another league, kicked up a notch. Way better graphics, better story. Great dialog, actually the best dialog I have seen in any game. It's bold, more representative of the way people really talk. I mean swinging stone dicks in Elexis' mansion! What other game would attempt to do something like that? Sin's got guts. Maybe that's why some candy asses don't like it. Maybe it breaks the mold too much for them and gets them out of their safe zones. Quake II is like David Cassidy and Sin is like Jimi Hendrix. Not everyone can appreciate it. Anyway I need some Sin servers on my Gamespy. I only have about 5 and they're all empty. I've heard about Kamala's list. How do I get it on Gamespy? Someone help me out here. Actually I have never played Sin multiplayer but want to give it a go. All single player stuff. I just got done taking Elexis' clothes off so she is naked as a jay bird through the whole game. Don't even know what the hell CTF stands for. I'm still at patch 103. Appreciate some help. Thanks
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