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Default CSNation previews the new CZ


Major points:
The game's primary single player game is tony hawk like botmatches with improved bots-- turtle rock studios did most of the development it seems (taking the developer count up to 5).

-12 of ritual's campaign based levels are included, out of the original 18. They're in a section called "deleted scenes".

-They're are 18 maps for both single player and multiplayer, all are new or updates of previous maps.

-Bots are improved over the one's we saw in 1.6-- They actually can knife fight intelligently with you. They also shout out many different comments that reflect their personality during the SP missions. It's up to you to buy new bots as you progress in SP to make a better team. They have different attriubutes such as skill, cooperation, bravery, and favorite weaponry.

-Multiplayer in CZ and regular CS is nearly identical aside from the new maps-- they haven't been determined whether or not they will be released to the community.

-None of ritual's player or weapon models appear to be in the game.

From the sound of all this, it sounds like it will be a relatively good game from the sound of the mission setup and bot AI-- however, the lack of ritual's new art assets really sets me off, to the point that i'm not sure i'll bother getting it. Hopefully they will make it in somehow, I don't have any clue why valve would want to take it out.
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

rizzuh @ 7:48 pm edt - cs-nation updates - important - 8 comments - new!
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is scheduled to go gold sometime soon, so we're posting hands-on impressions of the latest version of the game. Although we can all agree that the Ritual version looked like it played as well as a broken saxophone, this new version of Condition Zero is actually quite fun in my opinion:
After receiving Ritual Entertainment's Condition Zero content earlier this year, VALVe decided to re-do significant parts of the project. Community feedback wasn't too positive about Ritual's work. In my opinion, Ritual's quality of work for Condition Zero wasn't what the community expected from a title with VALVe's name on it.

Although you will still find some of the Ritual missions in the game, the meat of CS: Condition Zero is a new mode programmed by Turtle Rock Studios. Twelve Ritual missions will be in a section of the game called "Deleted Scenes." These missions were the best of the 20 or so that Ritual developed. But the new game mode that will comprise most of Condition Zero is a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-like challenge mode.

hhahahahahahahaa broken saxophone, never heard that one before hahah
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

Community feedback?! The only community feedback that Gabe got, came from rizzuh. Shows you how much of a pussy Gabe is. One guy says he doesn't like the game and Gabe starts pissing in his pants. Cry Gabe... cry like the disfunctional little bitch that you are.
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

Ritual's quality of work for Condition Zero wasn't what the community expected from a title with VALVe's name on it.

What was the "community" expecting? a 4 year delay vaporware title that gets forgotten? Shit cz came close.

Valve becomes more and more unprofessional everytime they release a game.
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

roger that
down with valve software
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

if people wanted to play tony hawk would they not just TONY HAWK?
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

let's just "pretend" we're all on the same page here and i'll raise a question of speculation.

as gamers in the communitiy let's assume ritual finished with cs:cz by atleast july cause they had to have time to finish the xbox version of the game. so somewhere between july and say a few weeks ago turtle rock has had the 4th stab at the game. so that's july, august, september, and BARELY october. so we're talking 3 whole months they've worked on the game. and supposedly they've finally (out of 4 dev teams) have gotten it right even though they've had the shortest time to work on the game.

well [censored] me silly and call me sally the sheep!! some company no one has ever heard of or produced any game for that matter has done a better job than 3 established dev teams. WOW! i am amazed.

so anyway here's the question:

according to our speculation, with at the most 3 solid months of working on the game, who wants to bet that cs: cz will be a buggy piece of trash?

oh yeah. and who else thinks the writers at cs-nation are valve's personally dick sucking bitches? i mean really. every review i've read from there about cs (especially within these past two days) totally bashes all other devs except turtle rock (whom no one has ever heard of.)
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Default Re: CSNation previews the new CZ

This Turtle Rock version of CZ is BS. I was really looking forward for the Ritual version of CZ....new players models, new SP weapons, and missions. The old screenshots, works, and trailers says it all. Remember the "customizable models" there were suppose to be thousands of different combinations? And SP missions looked more fun than this "tony hawk" like gameplay. There were 4-5 locations, or countries from what i remember that u get to play. The trailers looked really good.... ppl repelling out of choppers, explosions, falling through crates, choppers crashing....ah remember the reward points where you can call in for backup and the chopper destroys a building so u can get thru! What about the cut scene in one of the first videos, where there is a downed ct and his buddy is dragging him out of the line of fire? That was awesome. Anyway ritual verision looked more exciting.

I thought the whole purpose of CS:CZ was its SP mode. If i wanted to play with bots i would dl podbot or just pub. Sure bots can be nice to practice on but after awhile it gets boring. "Get one kill with a pistol?, Get one kill with fiveseven? 3 Headshots with a deagle? Kill someone who has been blinded by a fb?...omg so exicting i can already tell ppl will get sick after the 5th objective!....you can pub on a 32 player server and do the same things i bet it would be more fun.

Ritual release ur version of CZ call it different name!!! =)
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