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Old 06-24-2006, 02:40 PM   #1
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Default Scripting

Ok i have a little Problem here. I want to spawn Elexis as friendly AI and not enemyt. I also want to spawn her with this model . not the model where she has black shorts and a black top. Does anyone know where I can find the script files for the models and what i have to do to change them [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Scripting

Its very easy -)
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Default Re: Scripting

then tell me how
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Old 06-25-2006, 12:54 AM   #4
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Default Re: Scripting

He/She is just probably pulling your chain. If they knew, they probably would've told you the fix.

I don't know anything about this, sorry. There is a list of spawn commands for SiN floating around out there somewhere, though. I saw one years ago.
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Old 06-27-2006, 03:11 AM   #5
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Default Re: Scripting

1) copy code in notepad
*dont know thename of this skin (they are all identical in my vr of SiN)

2) save as "q.def" in 'sindir/BASE/models'
*probably there can be paks (theoretically it can be opened with ZIP/rar... i dont know because my SiN wass installed without paks)

3) type in console
actor q
bind z actor q
hmmm its toooo large.
attachment doesnt work
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Default Re: Scripting


path models
scale 1


normal pl_elexis/elexis_base.tga
damage pl_elexis/elexis_base_dam.tga

walk1 pl_elexis/walking_2handed.sam
run1 pl_elexis/run_2handed.sam
idle1 pl_elexis/idle_2handed_2.sam
twitch1 pl_elexis/idle_2handed_3.sam
readyfire1 pl_elexis/reload1.sam
aim1 pl_elexis/idle_2handed_1.sam
fire1 pl_elexis/fire_standing_2handed.sam
jump_left pl_elexis/crouch_fire_2handed.sam
jump_right pl_elexis/crouch_fire_2handed.sam
step_left pl_elexis/crouch_fire_2handed.sam
step_right pl_elexis/crouch_fire_2handed.sam

getup pl_elexis/pain_standing_legs.sam
open1 pl_elexis/melee_kick1.sam
melee1 pl_elexis/melee_kick1.sam
melee2 pl_elexis/csite_2_bitchslap.sam
jump1 pl_elexis/jump1.sam
land1 pl_elexis/pain_standing_from_above.sam
sitting1 pl_elexis/bathtime.sam
sitting2 pl_elexis/bathtime.sam

gibdeath_upper1 pl_elexis/crouch_death2.sam
gibdeath_upper2 pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam
gibdeath_lower1 pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
gibdeath_lower2 pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam

pain1 pl_elexis/pain_standing_chest.sam
pain2 pl_elexis/pain_torso_upper.sam
pain3 pl_elexis/pain_standing_head.sam

pain_hair pl_elexis/pain_standing_from_above.sam
pain_head1 pl_elexis/pain_standing_head.sam
pain_head2 pl_elexis/death_rollover.sam
pain_torso_upper1 pl_elexis/pain_torso_upper.sam
pain_torso_upper2 pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam
pain_torso_lower1 pl_elexis/pain_standing_chest.sam
pain_torso_lower2 pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
pain_arm_right_upper pl_elexis/pain_arm_right_lower.sam
pain_arm_right_lower pl_elexis/pain_arm_right_lower.sam
pain_arm_left_upper pl_elexis/pain_arm_left_lower.sam
pain_arm_left_lower pl_elexis/pain_arm_left_lower.sam
pain_leg_right_upper pl_elexis/pain_leg_right_upper.sam
pain_leg_right_lower pl_elexis/pain_standing_legs.sam
pain_leg_left_upper pl_elexis/pain_leg_left_upper.sam
pain_leg_left_lower pl_elexis/pain_standing_from_above.sam

death1 pl_elexis/death_rollover.sam
death2 pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
death3 pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam
death4 pl_elexis/death_layover.sam

death_head1 pl_elexis/swim_death3.sam
death_head2 pl_elexis/crouch_death1.sam
death_head3 pl_elexis/crouch_death2.sam
death_torso_upper1 pl_elexis/death_rollover.sam
death_torso_upper2 pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam
death_torso_lower1 pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
death_torso_lower2 pl_elexis/death_layover.sam
death_arm_right_upper pl_elexis/death_layover.sam
death_arm_right_lower pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
death_arm_left_upper pl_elexis/death_flyback.sam
death_arm_left_lower pl_elexis/death_spin.sam
death_leg_right_upper pl_elexis/crouch_death2.sam
death_leg_right_lower pl_elexis/crouch_death3.sam
death_leg_left_upper pl_elexis/crouch_death2.sam
death_leg_left_lower pl_elexis/crouch_death1.sam

id 2 group arm_right_lower bone gun 30 -36 0 flesh
id 5 group head bone cherep 1 1 1 flesh
group head damage 2.0
id 7 group hair flesh
group hair damage 1.0
id 10 group torso_upper flesh
group torso_upper damage 1.2
id 15 group torso_lower flesh
group torso_lower damage 1.1
id 20 group leg_left_upper flesh
group leg_left_upper damage 1.0
id 25 group leg_left_lower flesh
group leg_left_lower damage 0.9
id 30 group leg_right_upper flesh
group leg_right_upper damage 1.0
id 35 group leg_right_lower flesh
group leg_right_lower damage 0.9
id 40 group arm_left_upper flesh
group arm_left_upper damage 1.0
id 45 group arm_left_lower flesh
group arm_left_lower damage 0.9
id 50 group arm_right_upper flesh
group arm_right_upper damage 1.0
id 55 group arm_right_lower flesh
group arm_right_lower damage 0.9


server classname actor
server script global/friend.scr
server setsize "-16 -16 0" "16 16 80"
server crouchsize "-16 -16 0" "16 16 72"
server weapon ChainGun
server health 100
server item FlakJacket 50
server item FlakPants 25
server painthreshold 4
server shotsperattack 10
server aim 0.3
server dialog "i_elexis2" "lol" "misc/null.wav"

server aliascache snd_attacktaunt1 "player/elexis/taunt/flrptr.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_attacktaunt2 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_attacktaunt3 "player/elexis/taunt/ptwygn.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_attacktaunt4 "player/elexis/taunt/tata.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_attacktaunt5 "player/elexis/taunt/wrthlss.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_attacktaunt6 player/elexis/death1.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_panic1 "player/elexis/taunt/cntbstpp.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_panic2 "player/elexis/pain2.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_panic3 "player/elexis/death2.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_panic4 "player/elexis/death1.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_pursuit1 "player/elexis/taunt/chldsply.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_pursuit2 "player/elexis/taunt/sogood.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_pursuit3 "player/elexis/taunt/whsyrmm.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_pursuit4 "player/elexis/taunt/wstfflsh.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_pursuit5 "player/elexis/taunt/wrthlss.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_sightenemy1 "player/elexis/taunt/sthtllvg.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_sightenemy2 "player/elexis/taunt/sthtyrbs.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_sightenemy3 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_sightenemy4 "player/elexis/taunt/flrptr.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_sightenemy5 "player/elexis/taunt/ptwygn.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_inmysights1 "player/elexis/taunt/chldsply.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_inmysights2 "player/elexis/taunt/flrptr.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_inmysights3 "player/elexis/taunt/nicetry.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_inmysights4 "player/elexis/taunt/wrthlss.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_inmysights5 "player/elexis/taunt/whsyrmm.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_idle1 "misc/null.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle2 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle3 "player/elexis/taunt/tata.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle4 "player/elexis/taunt/cntbstpp.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle5 "player/elexis/taunt/sogood.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle6 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle7 "player/elexis/taunt/tata.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle8 "player/elexis/taunt/wstfflsh.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_idle9 "player/elexis/taunt/wstfflsh.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_investigate1 "player/elexis/pain5.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_locate1 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_locate2 "player/elexis/taunt/wstfflsh.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_tauntdeath1 "player/elexis/taunt/laff1.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_tauntdeath2 "player/elexis/taunt/nicetry.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_tauntdeath3 "player/elexis/taunt/sogood.wav" 1
server aliascache snd_tauntdeath4 "player/elexis/taunt/sthtyrgn.wav" 1

server aliascache snd_lostweapon "player/elexis/pain2.wav" 1

client aliascache snd_pain1 "player/elexis/pain1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain2 "player/elexis/pain2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain3 "player/elexis/pain3.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain4 "player/elexis/pain4.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain5 "player/elexis/pain5.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain6 "player/elexis/pain6.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain7 "player/elexis/pain7.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain8 "monsters/sniper/snifail2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain9 "player/elexis/taunt/nicetry.wav" 1

client aliascache snd_pain_head1 "player/elexis/drown1.wav" 3
client aliascache snd_pain_head2 "monsters/sniper/snihead.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head3 "player/elexis/pain5.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head4 "player/elexis/choke1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head5 "player/elexis/choke2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head6 "monsters/sniper/snihead.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head7 "player/elexis/drown2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_pain_head8 "monsters/sniper/snifail2.wav" 1

client aliascache snd_death1 "player/elexis/death1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death2 "player/elexis/choke1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death3 "player/elexis/death2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death4 "monsters/sniper/snideth1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death5 "player/elexis/pain3.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death6 "player/elexis/pain4.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death7 "monsters/sniper/snideth1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death8 "player/elexis/pain5.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_death9 "player/elexis/taunt/sthtllvg.wav" 1

client aliascache snd_kneefall1 "impact/bodyfall/sml1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_kneefall2 "impact/bodyfall/sml2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_partfall1 "impact/bodyfall/med1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_partfall2 "impact/bodyfall/med2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_partfall3 "impact/bodyfall/med3.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_bodyfall1 "impact/bodyfall/lrg1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_bodyfall2 "impact/bodyfall/lrg2.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_whoosh1 "weapons/punch/whsh1.wav" 1
client aliascache snd_whoosh2 "weapons/punch/whsh2.wav" 1
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