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Question Install help

Ok maybe I posted my query in the wrong sub forum to get help so i will try here quote "My brand new copy of Sin Episodes arrived yesterday now can anyone tell me how I can install it on a machine that has no internet connection I do not play multiplayer therefore the machine that is setup as my game machine is not online (I could install the pirate version wich is now uninstalled and deleted) but I love the game so I purchased a brand new sealed copy and need to know what I asked above TIA" unquote
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Default Re: Install help

I am pretty sure an internet connection is listed under system requirements, so you don't install it without an internet connection. Good job on buying the game eventually after stealing it.

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Default Re: Install help

Xeno is right, under the requirements it says Internet Connection Required.

If you can get a pirate copy, you can learn how to activate a real one.

You need an online to decrypt the files and activate your copy.

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Default Re: Install help

Yeah well thanks for NOT answering my question and for all concerned I DID NOT steal the bloody game it was given to me so I could see if I liked it which I did so I went and bought an original and as I said uninstalled and deleted the other one as to system requirements saying you need an internet connection so do a lot of other games that I own(in the region of about 70 or so and all originals) and none of them say I have to connect just to install the thing if I can't install it without in internet connection it will be the second game in a month to go in the bin as junk
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Default Re: Install help

One way is, to take your computer to a fried who has internet connection. That is what i would do, and it wouldn't take long if we are talking about a real internet connection and not about some ancient modem connection...
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Default Re: Install help

56k connections is like what $10-$12 bucks a month just pay a for a month. Done deal xD. Even a free month trial to Aol is another way to go :P! Just think of what Macgyver would do in your situation.

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