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Default CZ GDK

Well, what I was wondering if Ritual would be make some modifications to 'CZRadiant' to include some of good features from Worldcraft. I like both editors, but there are just somethings that one can do things that I wish the other could also. This will also help bring the CS community who are used to Worldcraft over to 'CZRadiant'.

Anyway, here's just *some* of my ideas:

1) New camera contols (like WC, where you can hit 'z' and go around your map with the mouse and W-A-S-D keys)

2) Ability to fully customize screen layout (ie: window placement)

3) Like WC, a drop down list of prefabs

4) Faster BSP tools then EF/JK had (good ex: Zoners Half-Life Tools)

This is all I can get off the top of my head, I'll get more as I use WC and EFRadiant
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Default Re: CZ GDK

You said something about moving the windows around. You can do this on GTK 1.29, you can choose from a few layouts which give you different placements, and allow you to choose the option to have the xy view, the xz view and the zy view on one screen. Works great with multiple monitors.
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The Analog Kid
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Default Re: CZ GDK

I think he means more free-style where you can move the windows yourself with no restrictions except you can't go outside of the program. I think its a pain in the ass to do though and feel more comfortable with radiant's layout features now.
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Default Re: CZ GDK

Wow people started posting here again. Thanks for making a new thread for this topic. Anyway to answer your questions/comments

1) New camera controls (like WC, where you can hit 'z' and go around your map with the mouse and W-A-S-D keys)

One of the main things in radiant that brings it away from the world craft and Unreal style of editing is that radiant has very few actual "modes". Sure Clipping and rotation keys put you in a mode but there was never anything like place entities mode or create brush mode ect. for awhile I think GTKR has had an option to right click on the 3d window and lock into a camera mode but Iím not sure if that feature is used often at all. Using the WASD keys to move in the 3d window always seemed like a cool idea in radiant but imo when you can hold down CTRL and middle click drag your camera then use left or right mouse keys for turning and looking up and down having a WASD set is a bit redundant. I imagine that quite a few world craft features like this will make their way into radiant because of the strong half life community.
Also keep in mind that you can still use world craft to your hearts content to make levels for CZ. Think of Radiant as an option rather than a necessity.

2) Ability to fully customize screen layout (ie: window placement)

Both GTKR and Tiki radiant (Rituals Radiant) have these features. We are able to drag out windows to what ever sizes we want and imo both editors are about equally as good at allowing you to customize the interface.

3) Like WC, a drop down list of prefabs

This is something I donít imagine would happen in radiant. For as long as I have mapped in the quake 3 community the idea of using lots of prefabs to a point that you need a drop down box almost seemed shunned. In more modern times rather than prefabs we use models. When you are using models for the majority of repeated details in your levels the need for prefabs like computer screens and such isnít nearly as high as it used to be. Furthermore if an artist updates the model the level designers donít need to go back in and touch up every single computer monitor and chair in the level. So I can imagine that having prefabs made of brushes wouldnít be as important in a game where map models are being pushed considerably more.

4) Faster BSP tools then EF/JK had (good ex: Zoners Half-Life Tools)

I love Zoners tools and early on I knew it was the way to go. I wouldnít have it any other way. Zoner is the Ydnar of the half life community!
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