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Default Official CS Bot Interview

HomeLan Fed sat down for a talk with Valve lead bot programmer Michael Booth. Mike discusses challenges in development and the current status of the CS Bot. An upcoming CS update will integrate bots and add official support for them.

- Plan to beta test bots over Steam before the end of April
- Bots learn new maps on their own (no user waypoints)
- Bots check hiding places
- Bot behavior is realistic; tactics include hit 'n run, ambushing, retreating, running for cover, hiding, etc.
- Bots take up normal player slots in-game
- Players can choose an overall difficulty setting for the bots, as well as how many bots to use. More advanced users can customize the weapons bots are allowed to use, as well as and a few behavior parameters.
- The CS Bot can be used in multiplayer games. Server operators can adjust the number of bots in the game, their difficulty level, and add or remove specific bots.
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Default Re: Official CS Bot Interview

bout time. i'll be losing my only excuse to stop playing cs.. a bad internet connection. i look forward to increased addiction.

for those who don't wanna play 'humans vs bots' you should use ASE to filter out bot servers.
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