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Default Re: Punk busting

It doesn't surprise me wolf, while I wouldn't say your a typical guy, I would say I know your type. Angry, reclusive, apprently privy to information no one else could find or comprehend, 10 years old, the list goes on and on. But nevertheless, it's good you've learned to take blatent insults as compliments. I guess, while you never chose to learn from them before, you can only try to find a brighter side to you miscomings. If it helps you feel better with yourself, take such accurate and concise descriptions of your person as compliments, because you won't feel good with yourself any other way.
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Default Re: Punk busting

Need I say.. owned? I think not.
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Default Re: Punk busting

hehe only if you knew me better could you say those things, and youve spoken to me what? 2 or 3 times?
so until you actually know me STFU
because im nothing like what you describe
i just said i take that as a compliment, because i want to be the one that writes the tests for admins.... [img]/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
thats my trademark now, "STFU" and "n00b" also

10 years old.......PFFFT!!
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