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Default Re: wow

Doom 3 was started from scratch so it would make sense for it to take a long time. Developing a kick ass game with amazing graphics and making an engine they can licence is a big job. Id software doesn't want to release a crappy incomplete game when it is has been hyped like there's no tomorrow. So I don't think we should really be comparing Doom 3 to other games with different circumstances, certainly nothing like CS:CZ.

Maybe we can get a little perspective here. How long did it take to Ritual to make Sin (Quake 2 engine), FAKK2 (Quake 3 engine), and Elite Force 1/2? How big were their budgets? It's not like CS on Half-Life is a very good starting point either, Half-Life is old and shitty. Another question is begging to be asked, did you want CS:CZ released before it is ready? Everyone here probably knows what happened with the Sin release so I won't discuss that.

It sounds like CS:CZ was one of Ritual's minor projects so they weren't working all out (sorry guys if I'm wrong). Developing good maps takes time especially when you don't have all your designers working overtime on it.

That's just my 2 centavos, for what it's worth.
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Default Re: wow

Bitch slapped? There wasn't one insult in his post- Kanaeda was defending himself. I don't feel as if I was owned in anyway, thank you.
Too bad there's not a roll eyes icon here.
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Default Re: wow

Man you all are bitching and complaining more then ME. I'm glad to see this though, because I am a bitter bitter man - cz wise.
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Default Re: wow

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