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Default Re: multiple endings

Also in the bit early on where she asks to go to stellar cartography to see her planet, just say no thanks, and you go see Telsia afterwards (which you dont do if you go to Stella Cartography)
there's your third choice, Stella.

and this is the funniest thing I've seen in the scripts so far.

// globalCommon_PointNone
// give the none choice a point....munro's shootin' himself in the foot, he ain't gettin' any for a loooong time....
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Default Re: multiple endings


can a ritualistic staff member answer this for us?
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Default Re: multiple endings

I was looking into this a few days back and I posted results into new thread called Kleeya vs. Telsia - Solution? Here - I copied it from there:

OK. Of course, I cannot fully garantuee I'm right, but I think I can give you pretty good solution regarding how to end with Kleeya or with Telsia. I was looking into scripts for several hours (didn't try this in the game) and this is resume:

I believe both Kleeya and Telsia starts with 0 points when you beam onto the Enterprise for the first time.

First stop: Information Gathering Mission (IGM) 3 (after coming back from the Attrexian station).
Telsia: Is that all you need?
Munro A: I wouldn't mind having you help me do some research on the Attrexians. = Telsia + 1
Munro B: Yeah, that's about it. = Nothing

Here's the second: IGM 4 (after rescuing Idryll scientists).
Kleeya: The first time I saw Idryll from space I cried. I wish you could see my world.
Munro A: Perhaps another time. = Nothing
Munro B: Perhaps I can. Come with me to Stellar Cartography. = Kleeya + 1

In the same IGM (I'm not sure, if you can come to Telsia once you go with Kleeya to the Stellar Cartography.)
Telsia: Aren't the stars beautiful?
Munro A: I haven't had time to notice. = Nothing
Munro B: Yeah, but not as beautiful as you. = Telsia + 1

Next one is IGM 6 (while waiting until Barclay and Krindo repair shuttle comm systems).
Meet with Kleeya or Telsia
Go to Telsia: Telsia + 1
Go to Kleeya: Kleeya + 1

When with Kleeya:
Kleeya: Inigor was a great man. While Krindo would never admit it, he admired his father greatly. He always wanted his father to be proud of his accomplishments. I want to see him, but I can't. I cannot forgive him for his deadly lies.
Munro A: You should see him. He's paid a high price for his lies. = Nothing
Munro B: Good. What he did is beyond forgiveness. = Kleeya + 1

And the last one in IGM 8 (before going to stop the Empty Crown).
Meet with Kleeya or Telsia
Go to Telsia: Telsia + 1
Go to Kleeya: Kleeya + 1

That should do it. Oh, and if you wonder what happens if you make both Kleeya and Telsia have same number of points... Kleeya wins.

Sollejon replied that I forgot the SFA garden choice two - but I am not sure about this - so if you want to be calm pick this second choice as well since it adds to Telsia's points.

As you can see - some of your reactions earn no point to neither Kleeya nor Telsia that is why the NoneChoice exists, but in the last level, as it is commented out (//if( fltNone >= 4 )) I believe it doesn't have any significant meaning.
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Default Re: multiple endings

Of course, there is no third ending, as it coments it all out, and even if you have zero relationship points with both characters, you get Kleeya...

I wonder what happens if you change it from >= to >, maybe a crash. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

If you uncomment the code, I believe all that happens is that there is no "relationship" ending at all.
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