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Default New CZ isn\'t too bad

Since I had some time to think about the newest version of condition zero I came to the conclusion is isn't that bad. We will get the best of both worlds it seems.

- The new arcady campaign
- 18 new or updated maps
- High resolution screenshots
- (Apparently) a good AI
- 12 of the best Ritual missions (although it is rude to call them deleted scenes, can't they think of a better name)

Now if they only add the option that you can use rituals player and weapon models in the whole game I am a happy man.. Even if it are just 4 models per side to replace the standard 1.6 models.

Or maybe if that doesn't happen and Ritual is legally allowed to, maybe thay can release a high defenition pack with their models and unreleased map. But that is just wishfull thinking [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img].
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