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Default SiN 2:Anime style

Foo makes a point that SiN is kind of cartoony in another post. Well, an anime of SiN is coming out, so why not make a SiN 2 based on the anime? That way, you could throw in all the hyped up action you wanted and it couldn't be used against the game because it would all be anime style action! And you just know that Ritual would do a lot better job at SiN as an anime style FPS than monolith did at making shogo anime-like. I know that a SiN 2 will probably never be made, but a lot of times a (usually bad, which sin isn't) game is made based on a movie, cartoon, or anime, so if the SiN anime is popular maybe good old activision will let Ritual make a SiN 2 based on it. Hell, Ritual is a part of the Gathering of Developers, right? They, as a collective group, could get the cash together to buy the SiN rights from activision, who might sell them cheap since SiN wasn't that profitable for them anyways. Then they could make SiN 2 in their own sweet time and put out the product they wanted to, not what activision forced them to shove out the door.

If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me that...

The MiMiC [DiE]

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