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Icculus LoK
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Default Well its time to move on.

The petition failed. It was my fault in part i guess cause they claim i never gave my real name. I wasnt aware i had to and i never recieved a e-mail about it though they claim they sent it. At this point im getting no responses from the support, even though they claimed they would put it back up.

So at this point i think we should just move on and start over. I know it sucks and i know we lost alot of sig's that wont re-sign im sure, but its all i can think of.

So this time instead of acting on impulse and just posting, i figured i would give everyone a chance to input.

Here is a copy of the petition i setup.

To: Gaming Industry
A call to arms my brothers and sisters of the gaming community.

I am starting a petition on behalf of the Ritual team in hopes that we can
help our favorite gaming company gain publisher support.

Sin was a game that came out in 1998 and had a strong and devoted following
that many to this day, myself included, still play. It is a game from a
company that still has one thing that many people in the gaming industry
have lost... A fun mentality. Sure, the game has good physics, great weapons
that are balanced, and pretty great graphics for its time, but it was the
twisted humor and devotion to fun that made this game what it was and
defined Ritual as a company.

Now Ritual has Sin 2 in the works and actually have a demo in the works.
Please click the following link for the few images available.

The problem is they are unable to pick up publishing support. They assume
that Sin 2 would not be a profitable product for them. So after some debate
on how the Sin community can help, the idea of a petition has come to the
table and here it is.

We ask of you that as gamers yourselves, that you voice your support for
this product. We made a Sin 2 petition years ago and thousands of people
signed it with good replies. I wouldn't be surprised if it was in part why
there is a Sin 2 demo right now. But now it is time to show these publishers
the money they are missing out on. Time to stand up and make a difference
and it will only take a few moments of your time to sign this petition, but
those few minutes have the chance to make such a big change and have the
potential of making a ton of gamers, just like yourselves, very very happy.

Power is not in money or in words. Power is the will of the people. It is
the flesh hammer that is you and me that can pound through anything we want
if we band together.

Thank you for the time you took to read this and I please urge you to send
it to everyone you know and show your support, show that you will be a
paying customer for this game. Have no doubt, I have personally seen this
work before. I have seen TV shows saved from going off the air with this
method. I do not feel your efforts will be in vain this time either.

Thank you.


If you want anything added or removed or think its fine, ill re-submit it making SURE that my real name is on here so it wont get screwed up again.

I await your replies.
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