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Default Attrexian Terminal

I am on the Attrexian Colony level. I have just gotten to the sewers. My objectives say I have to activate sewer maintenance systems. I found the terminal to do this, through a deactivated fan. It is tricorder-interfaceable. But when I pull out my tricorder and ativate it, it just gives me general stats (Height, Weight, use tricorder to activate, etc...) but I cannot interact with it. I have tried from every angle and distance, but it won't work. All the rest of the level is dead ends, even through another set of fans. I tried reloading the entire part of the level, but that doesn't work either. I don't have the patch because I heard it screws up previous save games. But if thats the only way to fix it, I'll do it. But I want to be sure first. Please Help!
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Default Re: Attrexian Terminal

I'll have a look at the level.
If you are really scratching to get pass the level, then cheat & NOCLIP. But try not to. As I say. I'll Have a look.

End Transmission.
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Default Re: Attrexian Terminal

The patch wont fix, but when you can make sure the crosshair turns to a tricoder and not a normal one then activate the tricorder.
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