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Default Skill.cfg

I'm trying to change the difficulty of the game via enemy and weapon strenght. In Half-Life there is simply a file, the Skill.cfg, where all the weapons and monsters damage are stored. Simply to change, you can easly convert a gamplay and a difficulty like HL in something like SWAT 3 or the Rainbow Six series. But in the C Zero directories there is a skill.cgf like the one in HL, and there are no CZ monsters and weapons listed. Someone know where i can find it? Or, eventually something that works for this.
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Default Re: Skill.cfg

well, you can changed the overall skill of the AI with the console command skill 0.

I think that is the secret skill level that is more like counter-strike, one hit and you are close to death.
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Default Re: Skill.cfg

The entire weapon and damage system in CS:CZ was converted to match up with what they did with CS. I think the gun characteristics are handled in the game code now, instead of an external text file.
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