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Default Editing problems/questions

I have some questions:

-I have some problems with some sequences and dialogs. I'm using the standard HL entities (without external script), but not always the result is what i wont. I have setup two npc, each nps speak some phrases, and when the dialog end, both go trough a door at the other side of the room. But one npc stays in place, and when the dialog end start walking; the other start walking when level start (the level change is near the trigger that start the scripted_sentences of the dialogue) instead of waking after the dialogue. This problem can be caused by the fact that i don't use an external sequence file?
And, there is a documentation on how to use sequence files?

-We are allowed to modify things (models/wads...) from Czero? I mean, there is a laptop.mdl, i will change a bit, adding an active screen instead of the black one; and i will change some allied/enemy models. Of course, they not replace the standard models, but i'll add to it (i.e. the new laptop will be laptop2.mdl...)

-I have made some _detail.txt files for some missions (Thinice, Recoil, Lostcause). Can i release for the public? And, there is a place where i can upload?

EDIT: Ah, another thing: I've noticed that in some maps some entities are made by models and not by brushes. All the entities can do this, or only few of them?
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