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Default NSFW-Nude Elexis in Sin 1, will there be in Sin E?


(Guys-Let's add a NSFW tag on these ok?) -Jezzy

Play as Nude Elexis

Nude Elexis from Sin
Apparently Ritual made a nude skin for Elexis (the female character in Sin) and hid the skin in /models/pl_elexis/folder-x . This should be where the .def files are. Rename pl_balde to a temporary name. Change pl_elexis to pl_blade and change your temporary folder name to pl_elexis. Run Sin and go to the multiplayer character select menu. BEWARE: Blade will wear the Elexis skin, so be careful when you change to the Elexis character, or you could delete pl_elexis. Change the character select menu to Elexis and change the skin to blade_base5.tga. And Elexis is nude.

http:// img487.imageshack.us/img487/952/nudesin20sa.jpg

back then i thoght it was wayy cool.. but was wondering, will this be added again ?.. in this new vertion ?,

not to play as her through the game lol but to play as her in Multiplayer, did that back then on network lol :P....

anyways now you all know

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