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Default Back to reality - stuttering beyond belief.


I'm having major sound and stutering issues with Sin 2. It's apparent even in the first level when for instance, the table get's blow across the room from the left hand side shortly before leaving the building. Boom, it freezes for a second and then the table magically flies across the room.

Kind of a drag, but it get's far more noticible in the car sequence when coming back from the vision with Elexis. In the (to me) immortal words of Jessica Cannon:
Ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ep-ep-ep-ep-ep-ep-ep Toget-toget-toget-toget-toget-toget-toget-toget-toget-her-her-her-her-her-her-her-her Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade-Blade.

And as the sound effect stutters, the frame rate matches right up to it in the 'choppy and sluggish' department.

I did read that the codebase that Sin 2 was built on was from last February and that an update to the new codebase might fix this, so I'm hoping that's on the way.

Otherwise I'm with fully updated drivers and possibly up the creek 'till then... unless anyone else has another idea.

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