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Default Anyone else getting random lock-ups?

And I do mean lock-ups (as in, complete lock-ups - no possibility to alt-tab out, ctrl-alt-del out or manually power down the PC - I have to use the I/0 switch at the back when it happens), and I do mean random, as in it happens to me without reason at any point in SiN Episodes.

The weird thing is, the first time I played, I didn't get any until I reached the trainyard (now to describe the precise moment without screenshots - the one when you go down to a small beach, just before coming back up behind a fence which is opposite the access to that beach - this whole thing is virtually on the doorstep of the warehouse that houses the access to the U4 labs, if people know what I mean) and then it mysteriously stopped crashing inside Supremacy Tower. The second time I played, I started getting these right off the bat - the first time was in Emergence, just after Jessica helps Blade off the operating table. In other words, it's not location specific - which means it isn't the U4 bug that survived for some reason or another. I've also checked the rest of the known issues and the random crashes stickies, and I'm clear as far as those are concerned, which is why this is so weird.

Anyway, these lock-ups usually happen after five to ten minutes of play and, as I said, are complete lock-ups. It may be something in game causing these (like a texture or shader, or something), since they appear to be totally random. That, or it's my sound card drivers - doubtful, since the latest drivers for it on the official website appear to be from 2003, and I have the drivers that with the card, which was manufacture in 2005.

I have a DxDiag log handy, if needed (unfortunately, I doubt it'll be much help, since it says everything is green). The only two solutions I see are deleting the .gcfs and ClientRegistry.blob and redownloading Emergence, or finding out if my drivers don't have a problem, but I figured if it were something else, this would be the best place to find out.

System specs: PIV 3.4GHz; 1Mb RAM; GeForce 6600. Anything else info-wise that's needed I can probably provide if you tell me how (I'm not exactly a tech champion). In any case, I can copy-paste the DxDiag.txt in here if needed (didn't do it because it's miles long and as I said, tells me nothing other than the fact that everything works fine).

Edit: yes, the sound loops when it happens. Valve have a troubleshoot page for that issue, so I'll toy with that and report back.

Edit²: I've apparently managed to solve the problem. To all those who have a likewise issue, I would advise you to do what Valve advises: apparently, this was due to a conflict between my PCI soundcar (Sounblaster Live!) and the Realtek AC97 I have on my motherboard. I deleted the drivers for the latter and disabled it in the BIOS, and it may have solved my problems. All I know is that I played for twenty minutes and didn't freeze this time around.

Edit³: nope, never mind that. I just had another lock-up, just after opening the cargo bay. I guess it's time to go driver hunting, and then I'll just have to try deleting the files and redownloading.

Another edit: just played through the MINERVA mod for HL2, without any lock-ups. This leads me to believe it isn't a Source issue, but rather a problem with SiN Episodes itself. I'll try the delete .gcfs approach.
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