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Unhappy Game crashes before it even installs

Hello, hi, salud, hola, whatever. Apologies if I somehow missed another post wherein this problem was already explained, yadda yadda.

I have the DVD version of Episodes (if there's any other version), and of course I have a DVD drive. However, when I put the DVD in the drive, it locks up for a long time (3 or 4 minutes), and then inevitably crashes my PC. Yep, BSoD. Well, I say it "locks up" but actually I can do other things, yet there is no evidence of the DVD reading, and clicking on My Computer does nothing at all. Once it actually DID give me the Install screen, but while I was going through the menus, it crashed, right during the choosing of my connection. Once it crashes, I can do nothing but reach down and flip the surge suppressor.

Help? Game is brand new, still had the factory seals. I do not have Steam installed, but I was of the assumption that the game would direct you to that when it was time?
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