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Default GFX driver detection to strict


today I bought sin episodes: emergence off of steam. the first thing I noticed was the game not correctly detecting my hardware. In fact, it refused to go beyond the logo screen after the intro videos giving me stupid error messages that I couldn't set the cideo mode and would restart with default values - eventually stating that it would need hardwar capable of dx7, what a laugh.

I guessed right, the detection code of the game is too strict. I ran the latest OmegaDrivers on my ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility and the game obviously just checked the driver name string, and did an exact phrase comparison against the list of official driver names or somewhat.

anyways - due to a stupid bug in the ATI catalyst installation routines(although laptop manufacturer and gfx card ar ein the supported systems list of the special catalyst mobility derivate), I cannot install other drivers than the OmegaDrivers or the old, initial drivers that came with the laptop at shipping time atm. Thus, all I can do is uninstall my gfx card in the devicemanager, which results in windows reverting to the initial drivers (instead of to the VGA drivers which the ATI installation software wants). sin starts up fine with this initial driver.

I ask you to loose up the detection algorithm so gfx drivers that are just tuned official drivers like the omega ones get accepted too. they work perfectly fine with other (source) games and I can't find any rationale reasons wtf I should uninstall my gfx driver everytime I would want to play my nice new game. Just extend the driver names list so it accepts drivers like "<official driver name> <Special driver name>" eg. ATI Radeon 9600/9700 (OmegaDrivers 2.xy798723)"

I hope you get my point, Should be a matter of minutes to implement it and send it across the STEAM aether.

Sorry for bad grammar, style or typos - it's 0317 and I'm no native English speaker.

Fix it soon, please. Annoying ...


PS: Forcing peeps to register for bug reports on the forums is a bad idea imo.
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