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Default Map AI Question


I've been playing around with Hammer and the Sin SDK and stumbled upon a few questions that I couldn't find answers for in the Sin SDK Wiki.

I'm trying to get npc_jessica to do the following...
1. Shoot grunts
2. If there are no grunts, follow player
3. If player gets into car, jessica gets into car (passanger) and shoots grunts if there are grunts and Get out of the car if the player gets out.

Right now, the only thing she does is shoot grunts. And only if I see her (in the level, the player starts out right above the action, but the grunts wont shoot at her, and she wont shoot back until the player is looking at the grunts)

I've been trying to following the guide for making Jessica drive the car ( http://www.ritualediting.com/wiki/?t...rive_a_vehicle ) and expanding it to fit the list above, but I have not been successful in making her do it. The guide says I need a "trigger_once" and I don't see that on my entity list (would an "action" suffice?)

this is the map i've been playing with and any help would be greatly appreciated,

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