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Default EF/EF2 Turkeyshoot

With the outstanding success of our Halloween Fragfest StarTrek-games.com the Beer-Garden.org have teamed up to do it again! What better way to work off all that Turkey your sure to gorge yourself on then by vigorous virtual mayhem in one of Star Trek games most beloved FPS titles, Star Trek: Elite Force. This time thanks to the crew at SFI Clan we also include Star Trek: Elite Force II!

Shafe and EliteOne have stepped up to the plate and provided a full course of the best Elite Force I & II maps, mods and servers all on a silver platter! Here are the details:

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (aka Elite Force I )
(Multiplayer only Download available for those without the retail game)

Star Trek Eliteforce 2

Saturday Nov 24th @ 2pm EST (06:00 p.m. GMT) (11:00 am PST)
Saturday Nov 24th @ 10pm EST (02:00 a.m. GMT) (7:00 pm PST)

Server: ++Beer Garden++ (easy to find via in game server search)
++SFI Clan Turkey Shoot++ (easy to find via in game server search)

In addition to the Windows EF download mentioned above, Shafe has put together a download for Linux users! He is also working on a Mac version as well! You can find the multiplayer only downloads for all platforms here .

If you missed the great Halloween bash we had here is your chance to get in on the fun! Grab a friend and find out who's the Pilgram and who's the Turkey, and know that your team will be thankful for all the flags you capture. So grab a headset and a copy of Teamspeak, clear your calendar and join us for a whole lot of fun!

Let us know if you have any questions and special thanks again to Shafe at the Beer Garden for helping us to make this a reality!

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