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The MiMiC
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Default Memory question...

I've read that it's best to buy pc133 memory if you've got a machine that uses pc100, because that way you can update to a pc133 motherboard without having to buy new memory. With this in mind, I bought a 128MB stick of pc133 memory today, to use with 2 64MB pc100 sticks I currently have (replacing the 3rd pc100 with the pc133). Clerk even said that's how his machine's set up. So, I power her up, memory test starts, memory test gets halfway through and fails. Machine says press DEL to go into setup, F1 to continue. I go to setup, look around, change cas latency to 2 from 3, no help. I change it back, still fails. So, I press F1 to continue. Machine loads windows, says I now have 256MB. Mess around for a few minutes, no problems, but the memory failure had me worried so I shut the machine down and put the old pc100 64MB mem stick back in. So, is the memory bad or does it just not mix well with the pc100? Anyone else experience this, or know what might be a cause?
As of now, I'm thinking I should take it back, explain the problem, and swap out the stick for either another pc133, or pc100. It's a local shop, pretty good reputation, and the clerk said he'd swap it if I had any problems.

Damn, making mistakes sux.

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Well, bitch slap my ass off, forgot to add the second half....

Bought Windows98se along with the memory, and I plan on doing a clean install. Is there any way to save the e-mails I have, and bookmarks for IE 4.01? Maybe copy the files over to win98, import them or something?

Thanks for any answers.

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