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Default Is it possible to unfocus console?

I am having trouble with a console where it is possible for the player to be killed by interacting with it. What happens is that when killed they are still focused on the console such that they have to press esc before pressing fire to re-enter game. I noticed this effect after putting in a camera and targeting it with the console such that the player sees the console through camera. Also the players view does not stay on that camera after death. It goes to the info_spline sequence that begins with endnode1 (I don't know how else to describe this I thought it was refered to as the intermission camera but I found that the info_player_intermission doesn't need to be there at all. Just put in some daisy chained info_splines with the first one having the targetname endnode1 and when player dies after a few seconds there view will follow that path)
Also it is interesting to note that this happens when player is killed by rocket blast. It is also the case that when the player is hit once with rocket they are unfocused from console. When hit second time and killed they seem to stay focused.
The console activates one of 2 func_launchers aimed at info_notnull such that projectile impacts wall below console. I discovered that aiming at the player was tricky. The first rocket shot would strike player and the second would go past (weird). So I aimed at wall. One func_launcher fires a nukeball the other a rocket. When the player is killed by the nukeball then they don't have to press esc before pressing fire to re-enter game. When killed by rocket thay do. This is some odd behaviour. I would like to unfocus player before triggering func_launcher.

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