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Default A question about design preferences...

OK the best was I can ask this question is to put it in terms my computer graphics teacher used when she was teaching use how to design for the web.

She told us to pick a standard (average lowest set up used today) Hardware/Software configuration, and design our graphics and page size for it.

For example, she told use to design all of our in 640x480, 256 colors because that was the average web viewers technology at the time (about 2 years ago).

So I was wondering if anyone does this for SIN mapping. Like say do you design the level with software rendered, 640x480 users in mind, and sacrifice quality on the high side of the curve (like say for 800x600, w/graphics excelerators, the lighting might be too bright, or some other thing that isn't right.) And if so, what is the lowest platform one should design for.

Or do most people just design for higher end machiens? So if people only have software render the frame rates are way slower(ofcourse they are, but I hope you see what I'm getting at), or the the map is too dark.

This question came to me while I was waking up this morning, and I realized while thinking about map improvments, that this map would be almost unplayable without a graphics card (mainly because when I test it I only use MY game settings, and don't really switch settings around to see how things look. Major designers error probably but...)

So if anyone needs me to explain this one better just say so. wasn't really sure how to word the question.

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