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Default Bring back the good ole console days...

I just got finished reading a bunch of opinions about the X-Box (and other) console system(s). Seems there are LOTS of stores (in larger cities) selling out of the system.

As for games, Halo and DOA 3 seem to be the biggest hits. Funny thing is, it seems to be the "graphics" that are what people comment more on than the gameplay...go figure.

I got some hands on experience with one last weekend at GameStop, playing Halo. I thought the graphics were really good for a console system (finally reachin that PC level).

Maybe it's just me, but a FPS should NOT be played with a controller. I have played other FPS on other systems and it just bugs the hell out of me tryin to use a controller. Looking (aiming) with an ON/OFF type of setup just sux. By ON/OFF, I mean a button as opposed to the precise control provided by a mouse to put those crosshairs EXACTLY where you want them.

Now it could just be that I am not as console controller savvy as I once was, but, I still prefer PRECISION when needing to directly target an enemy.

One other thing about the contoller, the GD jump key was DIRECTLY beside/below the right thumb joystick (at least on their config). If you wanted to jump foreward, you had to keep you thumb on the joystick while using the first knuckle of your thumb to hit the jump button. If you took you thumb off the joystick to hit the jump button you would just jump straight up...weee...um, yeah right.

Then there is the "extras" sales method of the X-Box (as well as most other modern concoles). Anyone here remember the days when you purchased a console and got TWO controller and at least one game WITH the friggin system?

One person said an extra controller cost $39.99. Ex-F*CKIN-cuse ME? I guess it's just the Gillette method taken to the extreme. For those that don't know the Gillette method was give away the razor, sell the blades for free.

I know companies used to make their money on the games (blades) as opposed to the system (razor). But geez, in the past, you could at least PLAY the system when you took it home without having to pay for anything else (including a GAME).

Think about this for a minute too...
X-Box = $299.99
ANY game for the X-Box = $49.99
Extra controller = $39.99
Grand Total (to be able to play at least ONE game with a friend) = $389.97 (tax not included)

Here is something else to keep in mind...
For anyone into console info long enuff may remember the days when Sega decided to go CD with thier software and Nintendo stayed with Cartridges. The BIG argument on why CD was the way to go was because it would make games "less" exensive than cartridges...gee, seems to me games don't usually start out below $40 (and $50 with X-Box ones)...damn near the SAME as what cartridge games sold for...go figure...

Just keep on shellin out more cash for the same thing you used to get in ONE SYSTEM.
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