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Default Ok..On to something new...Lets make an Add-on!

Ok so whos gonna start maken something kool for fakk2. I got some map ideas and some scripting ideas. I played with the skins and its all good.

I hear alot of ppl complaining that ritual didn't make the game nasty enough.
Well felas they gave us a awsome model and some kool guns and swords.to work off of!!!

lets make add-ons that keep to the heavy metal spirit and not worry about getting this game into a 13 year olds hands. I'm talken quality Heavymetal comic material! Blood, swearing, sexyness(tastefully) Nudity that shoulda been in the game anyway.

looking for interested patries to develope and add-on for the FAKK2


Story teller- Need someone who is an Avide HeavyMetal reader that can guide the story concepts and keep our work true to the HeavyMetal Universe.

Scripting- (anyone who did some scripting for SiN) And can make cinimatic magic! Examples PLEASE! Or just prove that you'll figure da shiiat out!

Modeling- We NEED to make some more Monsters! I am not gonna recycle fakk2s over used monsters!

Mapping- Quality Detailed mapping. I wanna use some of the concept drawings and HeavyMetal Mag drawings to make good maps!

Photo Edit and Illustrators - want Quality outfits and skins! I can airbrush skin tones over clothing better then some of the stuff I've seen out there!

apply with me: send along resume with past work and some examples if you have any!


Lets make sumpin bomb and stop bitchen at ritual because you didn't see the things you wanted to see! They made they're mainstream game. I give em propes for goin into it with the HeavyMetal name! that alone scares alot o Moms and dads that stayed up late to watch the cartoon on cinimax when they where young and horny!


P.S. Historic fact...did you know this is how ritual/hipnotic stared there little comany?

Um..Stick your 1st post up your &@#

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